January 21, 2019

HartFX.net Launched!

After about 8 weeks of non-stop work, I’ve finally launched HartFX.net! I have my first library for sale starting today, my Industrial library! I posted a demo a week ago, but here it is again, for good measure 🙂

Check it out over at HartFX.net !

Excerpt of the library description from the site:

It’s HUGE. As in almost 24gb of sound. All in 192k/24b. If you played all of the the files back to back, it would take you over 5 1/2 hours to listen to it all. And that’s not even the cool part.
This is kind of a unique library. I recorded with a number of microphone (up to 8 at times) into two Deva V recorders (a single one didn’t like recording 8 channels of 192k/24b!). Then in post, I mixed and matched different mics to make the baddest, beefiest sounding tools I could. But the cool thing is that I’ve also included the separate mics on their own, all time aligned and all, so you can do your own mix, or just chose one perspective you like for a specific sound. So there are over 1000 sounds, but sometimes you have 5 different perspectives of the same sound. Completely customizable! It’s all labelled in the metadata too, so you can search by how many feet the mic was from the sound if you’d like, or from Close, Medium, or Far Perspectives.


  1. Do you mind if I send you links from time to time to projects I work on utilizing your FX so you can see how other people are using/manipulating them?

  2. Great work Colin. Sounds like an awesome library, and I’m loving the versatility u’ve allowed by including all the individual mics as well as the mixed version. That’s customization at it’s best!

  3. hey there colin. i’d like to check out some sounds from the free download. but you should know that i’ve ran into a snag at the paypal page where it gives me a warning that the amount has to be greater than zero or it doesn’t process the download.
    can’t wait to hear more. congrats on creating such a monster of sound effects recording.

    • Hey Peter,

      Still working on smoothing out a few bugs in the system. I have to figure out a way around that. For now, I’ll shoot you a download via email so you can get the files.

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