January 21, 2019

Article on HartFX over at Track Time Audio

David from Track Time Audio recently interviewed Colin Hart from HartFX in an article called “Colin Hart on Bikes, Gaff Tape, and Loud Things”

Check it out:

Today I made Colin Hart of Hart FX think.

TTA: First off, your recent Yamaha R1 bike article states that you were originally there to capture a power boat’s sounds, but weather shot that idea down, but that your host knew a guy who had a bike. Is a “guy who knows a guy who has a thing” a common way for you to acquire sounds?

Many to most of my sounds are acquired that way. That’s how the whole trip to South Carolina came about. I knew a guy that knew some people that had some stuff I wanted to record. Networking is huge in this industry. You have to know someone that has access to something. And if you don’t, you have to find someone that has access to that thing, and get them to give you access to it. So good people skills are a must!

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Thanks David!


  1. Hey, thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to hear more things from you!

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