January 21, 2019

AES-SF Day 2 part 1 – Avid Pro Tools 9

So for the second day of AES, I focused mainly on Avid and Portable recorders. Let's talk about Avid first. So ProTools 9 and tons of new fancy interfaces. This has probably been the most talked about topic amongst sound professionals for the past month. TONS of rumors floating around (many of them surprisingly true). So what's the biggest news about PT9? No more LE and no more hardware! No hardware you say? YES! Shockingly (because I know Avid, not because of common sense), you don't need to own ANY Avid (or Digi) hardware to run Pro Tools. Actually, you don't need any hardware at all... you can run it straight off your laptop's internal … [Read more...]

129th Annual AES Roundup

Wow! Tons of stuff going on this week! Big news from Avid, great stuff from many microphone companies, Izotope, and tons more! The AES trade show floor was considerably smaller than usual, but there was a lot of cool stuff there. If you spent some time digging and talking to reps, inventors, presidents, etc... there was a lot of cool info to be gathered. I did my best at grabbing pics and info about topics and products pertaining to audio post and field recording / production audio. I'll cover a lot of it here, but if there's something I don't cover that you're wondering about, feel free to ask me if I happened to come across what you're … [Read more...]

Sound Design Competition Hosted by Avid and Blastwave FX

Blastwave FX and Avid announced a new Sound Design Competition with the chance to win more than $12,000 on Avid/Blastwave FX products! RULES -Submit: A 0:30 – 0:45 second video with stereo soundtrack. The total length should include the intro and outro video clips provided in the Competition Download Pack. -You must use at least three sound effects from the competition download pack. You may process and distort these effects, but they must be somewhat recognizable. -The intro and outro video clips must be used, and we encourage you to sound design them. -Entries can be any style: real/surreal, with or without dialogue, with live actors, … [Read more...]