February 15, 2019

AES-SF Day 1 – Seals, Submarines, Skywalker and Scotch

My first full day in SF was quite an eventful one. I met up with Shaun Farley (from Dynamic Interference) to head up to Skywalker Ranch for the MPSE Sound Panel. We had some time to kill, so we headed over to Pier 39 because he was told there were some Seals that hung out over there. We got there, and sure enough, there were a bunch! They made all sorts of crazy sounds! Shaun had his Sony D50 with him and I had my Olympus LS-10, so we grabbed some (contaminated) recordings. Too many people around - but it was fun nonetheless. (Side note - went back there Sunday night with Nick Meade with a 702 and MKH60 / 30 M/S rig and boom pole. Much better … [Read more...]

129th Annual AES Roundup

Wow! Tons of stuff going on this week! Big news from Avid, great stuff from many microphone companies, Izotope, and tons more! The AES trade show floor was considerably smaller than usual, but there was a lot of cool stuff there. If you spent some time digging and talking to reps, inventors, presidents, etc... there was a lot of cool info to be gathered. I did my best at grabbing pics and info about topics and products pertaining to audio post and field recording / production audio. I'll cover a lot of it here, but if there's something I don't cover that you're wondering about, feel free to ask me if I happened to come across what you're … [Read more...]

HartFX.net Launched!

After about 8 weeks of non-stop work, I've finally launched HartFX.net! I have my first library for sale starting today, my Industrial library! I posted a demo a week ago, but here it is again, for good measure :-) Check it out over at HartFX.net ! Excerpt of the library description from the site: It’s HUGE. As in almost 24gb of sound. All in 192k/24b. If you played all of the the files back to back, it would take you over 5 1/2 hours to listen to it all. And that’s not even the cool part. This is kind of a unique library. I recorded with a number of microphone (up to 8 at times) into two Deva V recorders (a single one didn’t like … [Read more...]

Industrial Library

I FINISHED IT! My Industrial sound library, that is. The Complete HD version is 23.54GB! That's HUGE!!! 281 files, over 5.5 hours of sound! I will be releasing it very soon, so check back for details in the next day or two. For now, here's a demo of some of the sounds from the library! INDUSTRIAL 001 Complete HD Samples by Colin Hart Let me know what you think! … [Read more...]

Sonic Terrain – New Field Recording Resource!

I'm proud and privileged to be able to announce the launch of a new field recording site, Sonic Terrain! The site is the brainchild of Miguel Isaza (author of Designing Sound) and Co-founded by Nathan Moody (author of Noise Jockey). I was very flattered when they asked me to be an official contributor and editor on the site, so you will be able to find a number of posts over there from yours truly. The site is going to be a wonderful addition to the online sound community! Excerpt from Sonic Terrain: Sonic Terrain will be a portal for the art, science, and craft of field recording. It will aggregate information and publish exclusive … [Read more...]

David Sonnenschein’s New Webinar Series

David Sonnenschein - author, scholar, sound designer, and friend of mine - is hosting a 6 week webinar series. I've attended a number of his seminars in the past and they are wonderful. I was able to present some of my work during one of the sessions and got live feedback from David as well as many of the other designers attending online. It's cool being able to get feedback from other professionals in that manner. Anyways, here are the details for the series: SOUND DESIGN FOR PROS - Free Intro Webinar Aug. 24 presented by David Sonnenschein, author Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema Live … [Read more...]

Tutorial Series

As many of you know, aside from doing my freelance work, I teach production audio and SFX recording techniques at Full Sail University about 8 - 10 days out of the month. I am constantly working with high end gear, and writing tutorials on how to use it. One thing that I have noticed, and that many of my students have mentioned, and I'm sure all of you know, is that there are very few resources out there on production audio. If you want to know how to sync timecode wirelessly between a Deva V and a Sony EX3, you have to find a forum and hope someone else has done it and knows how to. If you want to stripe TC onto your 5D from your 744T so … [Read more...]

Social Sound Design – What a Wonderful Forum!

Social Sound Design has quickly become my go to place for all of my sound design questions. It is a great forum. One of the things that makes it truly great is the high concentration of professionals who actually know what they're doing, aren't afraid to say they don't know, and aren't afraid to ask for help. Also, there is a complete lack of flaming there. I used to frequent some of the other sound forums out there, but I just can't stand the flaming or derailing of users' threads. SSD is completely different. It is a very professional, courteous environment. I've been a member for a bit over 3 months now. There have been some great … [Read more...]