January 21, 2019

Road Trip Special: Falls Park Recordings

On the second full day of our trip, after we did the garage recordings and picked up our fireworks stash, we headed over to Downtown Greenville, where there you can find tons of waterfalls in Falls Park! We brought the same two packages as before - Johnny had a CSS-5, and I had an MKH60, and of course I brought my hydrophone! The layout of the park is pretty cool. At the top of the park, there is a large river that comes through Downtown Greenville. The river flows through a manmade waterway, and then goes over this cool manmade waterfall. We stopped at this waterfall first. It's one of those cool waterfalls where the water comes off … [Read more...]

Our 5-Day SFX Recording Road Trip Extravaganza!

Last week was a VERY productive week for us here at HartFX. I had a wonderful response to the 192k article I posted (thanks!), plus the HartFX crew (Johnny and I) took a 5-day road trip up to South Carolina to record an amazing amount of sound! We recorded vehicles, a mechanic's garage, tons of waterfalls, guns, and explosives, and now we have 3 new libraries on the way! Check them out here, and here. During the trip, we learned a ton and now we want to share our experiences with you! There is so much I could talk about, and I don't want to skimp on the details! So instead of writing one GIGANTIC article that covers everything but … [Read more...]

192k Experiments

I was just reading an article on Shaun Farley's blog in which David Sonnenschein posed an interesting question about some of the techniques I use in my sound design. You can find the article this post. [SF] He recorded it at 192, and then I believe he played it back at 44.1. He didn’t go in with pitch shifting, he went and played back the existing samples at a slower rate. So that was a good way to take advantage of that technical capability. [DS] I’d be curious, and I haven’t done this myself, to hear a side-by-side of a sample rate speed change, and then a pitch shift at a fixed sample rate, to hear what the difference is like. I … [Read more...]

New Library Coming Soon: LFE Effects

So it's been a good few months since I've released a library. I am planning the release of 3 - 4 more by the end of the summer - so keep your eyes out! The first one that will be released (hopefully by the end of May) is a collection of high resolution LFE effects. The library will be called... drumroll please... "My Hart Resonates!" I enjoyed that :-) These aren't your simple synthesized LFEs. These are all real sounds, in real environments! Here's a taste of what I mean: (you'll need a sub or good headphones for this one!) In the demo above, everything is recorded with an Aquarian H2a hydrophone (sometimes with … [Read more...]

A Whole New World! Exploring with a Hydrophone

About a month ago, I finally (after a year of deliberating) bought an Aquarian H2a Hydrophone. I love it! Very cool mic. As you may know, I've been playing with hydrophones for about 2 years now - most of which I've made by myself - with mixed results. This mic is lightyears better than what I've been using! So Johnny and I set out to find some cool things to record last week. We headed up Longboat Key, and ended up stopping at the park by the draw bridge at New Pass. I threw the hydrophone all the way out and let it settle, then started recording. The Gulf was definitely alive that evening! Depth charts estimate the water to be between … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Recording

So I was just about thinking of going to bed tonight, when I suddenly heard thunder outside. I got excited. I love thunderstorms! A few minutes later it started raining. The place I'm staying in right now has a tin roof over the back porch, so I thought I could make some awesome recordings. Unfortunately, I didn't have the 744T or Sanken CSS-5 with me, so I had to work with what I had. I had my laptop, Mbox 2, and a few random cheap mics, plus some expensive LDCs that I would never put out in the rain. So I grabbed my laptop and mbox, a homemade contact mic, an Audio Technica 815b shotgun mic, and my Røde NT4, and headed to the porch. … [Read more...]

How My “Sound Snooper” turned out…

Last week, I wrote about the "Sound Snooper" homemade "shotgunish" microphone from an Electronics journal published in 1965. I thought it looked awesome and I wanted to know how it sounded, so I decided to make one. I did not, however, want to pony up the $200 for the aluminum piping used in the journal. At least not for the first time around. Instead, I decided to spend a mere $4.68 on PVC piping, and about $20 on epoxy. Far cry from $200. I used 1/2" PVC instead of the 3/8" Aluminum (couldn't find 3/8"). I figured the difference was somewhat negligible. So I started construction: I played around with a few different types of … [Read more...]

Hydrophone Recording of a Broken Piano

Here's the first recording I did with my hydrophone. I only had about 30 minutes to play with it, so this is all I've done so far. I hope to get a lot more stuff done tonight and tomorrow. My setup: Old broken piano, Hydrophone, C-stand, bucket of water, Fostex PD-6 I recorded hits and strums on the piano for about 15 minutes. Here's the best one. Note: the only processing is iZotope RX for Noise reduction (PD-6 Pre's were a bit noisy) and gain, and then a little EQ to bring out some of the higher frequency artifacts. Pianophone (The tail is almost 30 seconds long. Best to listen with good speakers or headphones) More to come … [Read more...]

My Escapades with Plasti Dip: The Birth of a Hydrophone

I've always wanted a hydrophone, but I could never justify the price since I never actually needed one, so I never got one. I've attempted a few times to make one myself, but it never worked out. Hydrophones/contact mics have seemed to be a common topic in the last few days on a few different blogs (Nathan over at Noise Jockey and Chuck Russom), so my interest piqued again. I decided to make one out of the trusty ol' $2 piezo buzzer from Radio Shack, some Plasti Dip, and spare wire, connectors and heatshrink tubing I had laying around. I retreated to my workbench and emerged 20 minutes later victorious. I had a working contact mic (not … [Read more...]