February 15, 2019

Really Cool, and Different Shotgun Mic

Anyone ever seen one of these or played with one before? Its been floating around for quite some time now. I found it a few years ago and just stumbled upon it a few days ago. I'd imagine if you took one of these in a public area you'd probably get some funny looks and perhaps a bit of trouble... The PDF gives cross sections and rough instructions on how to build one. I'd love to hear one sometime, but it looks like quite the project to build one. Download the pdf here … [Read more...]

IED attack simulator: Trying to capture/design the most realistic sounds.

Mix Magazine has written an amazing article on veteran Sound Designer / Mixer Ezra Dweck, who has recently been contracted to help design an IED attack simulator for the training of US Troops. He was enlisted to capture and recreate, as acurately as possible, what it sounds like to a soldier inside a humvee to get hit by and IED. That sounds like a difficult, but incredible fun task! "Wait, you mean I get to blow stuff up, AND record it? Then you want me to play it back as loud as possible?" Sounds like a sweet gig to me :-) The Audio Challenge For the sound design, Dweck was tasked with coming up with as realistic a presentation of … [Read more...]