January 21, 2019

HartFX.net Launched!

After about 8 weeks of non-stop work, I've finally launched HartFX.net! I have my first library for sale starting today, my Industrial library! I posted a demo a week ago, but here it is again, for good measure :-) Check it out over at HartFX.net ! Excerpt of the library description from the site: It’s HUGE. As in almost 24gb of sound. All in 192k/24b. If you played all of the the files back to back, it would take you over 5 1/2 hours to listen to it all. And that’s not even the cool part. This is kind of a unique library. I recorded with a number of microphone (up to 8 at times) into two Deva V recorders (a single one didn’t like … [Read more...]

Sound Design for a Music Video? Zombies!!

About two months ago I was asked to do the sound design for the intro and outro (story sections) to a music video. It was a zombie themed video, which I was excited about, but I had no experience with zombie movies or video games before, so I didn't have much of a reference point to work from. I spoke to one of the Co-Directors (who was also the editor) about the feeling he was going for on the video. He mentioned "28 Days Later", "28 Weeks Later", "Zombieland" and the video game series "Resident Evil". Before I watch anything, I put some preliminary sounds that I knew I wanted (some hits, footsteps, eerie tones, etc...) Then I spent … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Recording

So I was just about thinking of going to bed tonight, when I suddenly heard thunder outside. I got excited. I love thunderstorms! A few minutes later it started raining. The place I'm staying in right now has a tin roof over the back porch, so I thought I could make some awesome recordings. Unfortunately, I didn't have the 744T or Sanken CSS-5 with me, so I had to work with what I had. I had my laptop, Mbox 2, and a few random cheap mics, plus some expensive LDCs that I would never put out in the rain. So I grabbed my laptop and mbox, a homemade contact mic, an Audio Technica 815b shotgun mic, and my Røde NT4, and headed to the porch. … [Read more...]

How My “Sound Snooper” turned out…

Last week, I wrote about the "Sound Snooper" homemade "shotgunish" microphone from an Electronics journal published in 1965. I thought it looked awesome and I wanted to know how it sounded, so I decided to make one. I did not, however, want to pony up the $200 for the aluminum piping used in the journal. At least not for the first time around. Instead, I decided to spend a mere $4.68 on PVC piping, and about $20 on epoxy. Far cry from $200. I used 1/2" PVC instead of the 3/8" Aluminum (couldn't find 3/8"). I figured the difference was somewhat negligible. So I started construction: I played around with a few different types of … [Read more...]

Hydrophone Recording of a Broken Piano

Here's the first recording I did with my hydrophone. I only had about 30 minutes to play with it, so this is all I've done so far. I hope to get a lot more stuff done tonight and tomorrow. My setup: Old broken piano, Hydrophone, C-stand, bucket of water, Fostex PD-6 I recorded hits and strums on the piano for about 15 minutes. Here's the best one. Note: the only processing is iZotope RX for Noise reduction (PD-6 Pre's were a bit noisy) and gain, and then a little EQ to bring out some of the higher frequency artifacts. Pianophone (The tail is almost 30 seconds long. Best to listen with good speakers or headphones) More to come … [Read more...]

Recording the Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch

Saturday night, February 7, 2010, I decide to make the the trek over to Kennedy Space Center to watch the launch of the Endeavour shuttle on mission STS-130 to the International Space Station. It was the last night launch ever for the current space shuttle fleet, and there's a chance that space exploration will be stopped indefinitely after the 5 remaining launches. 1:00 am, Sunday morning (Listening to "Mr. Hurricane" by Beast) So, knowing that I would regret letting this opportunity go by, I saddled up, geared up and set out to Titusville, FL with a few friends. Two minutes after leaving, I get pulled over for an expired tag (oops...), … [Read more...]