January 21, 2019

Principles of Boom Operation

I wrote this article a few years ago for my old blog. I got a TON of great responses from it, so I thought I would resurrect it again, especially since I just shot a new microphone placement video (seen at the bottom of this page). I've made some updates and edits to the article as well. Quick disclaimer on this article: There are many different boom operation techniques. While some are better than others, there is no one way that trumps the others. There are many different ways to boom op, but what matters is the end result, not so much how you got there. So I offer the following advice as a collection of the knowledge that I have gained … [Read more...]

AES-SF Day 2 Part 2 – Portable Recorders

So I'm really getting tired of answering the question "What's the best handheld recorder" or "Which one should I get" or whatever permutation of that question gets asked. It's not that I don't like helping people, but I get bored of answering the same question over and over - plus, there's really no right answer - it's very much based on your needs. So, a month or two ago, I decided that I was going to do a handheld recorder roundup. Not just one that compares specs and all - that's as simple as data gathering, and anyone can do it with a little help from Google and your preferred audio retailer's site. What I want to do is to round up all … [Read more...]

129th Annual AES Roundup

Wow! Tons of stuff going on this week! Big news from Avid, great stuff from many microphone companies, Izotope, and tons more! The AES trade show floor was considerably smaller than usual, but there was a lot of cool stuff there. If you spent some time digging and talking to reps, inventors, presidents, etc... there was a lot of cool info to be gathered. I did my best at grabbing pics and info about topics and products pertaining to audio post and field recording / production audio. I'll cover a lot of it here, but if there's something I don't cover that you're wondering about, feel free to ask me if I happened to come across what you're … [Read more...]

Ric Viers on Location Sound Mixing

Ric Viers: he is a sound effects recordist extraordinaire, an author, a business owner, a husband, a father, a friend, and the owner of one sweet soul patch. Even better, he has kindly done an interview with me for the blog. Ric has a new book coming out next year that deals with production sound (which he can't share details on yet), but I thought I'd get a head start and interview him about his production audio experience. There aren't very many production audio resources out there, so his book will be filling a huge void. Ric is the owner of Blastwave FX, a sound effects company, The Detroit Chop Shop, a post production house in Michigan, … [Read more...]

Sound Design USBPre 2

I just posted an article about the new Sound Devices USBPre 2 over at Sonic Terrain. It's a great piece of gear! Go check it out! Sound Devices just announced a new version of their USBPre this week at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam. It boasts many beefed up features and a new standalone mode. But this is a USB device, so what does this have to do with field recording? I’ll tell you! Read the rest of the article here. Also, I'm hoping to be able to get the review model from Sound Devices, so stay tuned for a review! … [Read more...]

Blog on Boom Operation Coming Next Week

Hey all, One of the biggest problems in indie film making is the sound. These problems start on set. Therefore, I'm in the process of writing a very extensive article about the art of boom operation. I've found that it's rather difficult to find information about boom oping online, so hopefully this will be a great resource to those who are interested in becoming an op and those who are going to op their own indie films. Stay Tuned! … [Read more...]