January 21, 2019

Come on Irene

This past week, Hurricane Irene brushed up against the coast of Florida. There were a few small spin-off storms and whatnot, but it pretty much missed Florida altogether. I still wanted to head to the coast to try to record something though, so I packed up and jumped into the car with my recording buddy, Josh (Twitter: @JoshuaGladu), and we headed over to Cocoa Beach to see what it was like out there. We drove through some pretty nasty storms on the way out, but to our surprise, it wasn't even raining in Cocoa Beach when we got there. The sky even cleared up enough to see the sunset. I knew the waves were going to be pretty big, and I … [Read more...]

Evening Summer Storm in Central Florida

I was able to catch a quick evening storm a few weeks ago. Had my gear ready for the storm this time (they happen almost every afternoon), since I've been trying to record thunder before the rain starts. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful this time, but the storm was fairly active, so I grabbed some video from my iPhone. I apologize for the video quality - an iPhone at night doesn't ever turn out too well... The audio was recorded with a Sanken CSS-5 in wide into a Sound Devices 702T at 24b 96k. Orlando Summer Storm from Colin Hart on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Binaural Thunder Storm Recording!

So this is the first post that I'm putting up that I recorded with the binaural head that I built. My previous binaural recordings were made with a head-worn system (found here). I based this one from Jeff Anderson's design (which can be found here. I tried it the exact way he did it, but I wasn't getting the sound I wanted, so I improvised a bit and combined my old design with his design to come up with this: I used the same head and silicon ears that Jeff Anderson used, then I attached Countryman B6 lavs into the ears with foam (in the same way I wore them in my post referenced above). They went through Lectrosonics LMa transmitters … [Read more...]

More Florida Rain, And Some Thunder This Time!

So my A/C is out. And because of my whole situation (I'm renting a house, the owner was forclosed on, and we were given a 90 day notice to vacate), they won't fix the A/C. So I went down to Home Depot to pick up two small window air conditioners to cool down the house until we move. So I go into Home Depot and check out the units, then decide to go back to my car and check some other prices. I grabbed my laptop, tethered through my Blackberry, and started looking at other units. While I was doing so, it started pouring. So I decided to stay in my car for a while. While I was sitting there, I remembered I had my Olympus LS-10 recorder … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Recording

So I was just about thinking of going to bed tonight, when I suddenly heard thunder outside. I got excited. I love thunderstorms! A few minutes later it started raining. The place I'm staying in right now has a tin roof over the back porch, so I thought I could make some awesome recordings. Unfortunately, I didn't have the 744T or Sanken CSS-5 with me, so I had to work with what I had. I had my laptop, Mbox 2, and a few random cheap mics, plus some expensive LDCs that I would never put out in the rain. So I grabbed my laptop and mbox, a homemade contact mic, an Audio Technica 815b shotgun mic, and my Røde NT4, and headed to the porch. … [Read more...]