September 23, 2018

New Sound Resource Tomorrow

Coming 9.8.10 Stay tuned for more details and a formal announcement! … [Read more...]

Why The New Name?

You may have noticed that I recently changed the name of my blog from Colin Hart's Sound Kitchen to Colin Hart's Sound Bistro. Why? Well, in the world of business, people don't like it when you infringe on trademarks. I didn't do my homework before choosing the name for my blog (my fault...) and I (mistakenly) used someone else's trademark (Sound Kitchen) in my title. When I created my blog, I didn't even think about searching the USPTO to see if I was using a title, because 1, I'm a blog, and I'm not selling anything on it, and 2, I never thought I'd get big enough for it to matter anyways. So I guess, in a way, it was a sort of … [Read more...]

David Sonnenschein’s New Webinar Series

David Sonnenschein - author, scholar, sound designer, and friend of mine - is hosting a 6 week webinar series. I've attended a number of his seminars in the past and they are wonderful. I was able to present some of my work during one of the sessions and got live feedback from David as well as many of the other designers attending online. It's cool being able to get feedback from other professionals in that manner. Anyways, here are the details for the series: SOUND DESIGN FOR PROS - Free Intro Webinar Aug. 24 presented by David Sonnenschein, author Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema Live … [Read more...]

Recording at High Sample Rates

Ah, the age old question that is sure to spark a week long argument on any sound blog... "Does recording at 192k really sound any better than recording at 48k?" "Do high sample rates really make a difference?". I've done done a bit of research on this subject, and I've done my fair share of experimenting and writing about it. Tim Prebble has released a blog on his recent experiences with high sample rates, and what happens to sounds that aren't as fortunate. This is a question I see often: if the final form of the project is 44.1kHz or 48khz, why bother recording at high sample rates? There isn’t any one answer to that question, there … [Read more...]

The Early years of Skywalker Sound (1977-1987)

Back before Skywalker Sound was called Skywalker Sound, it was called Sprocket Systems. Here's a video of a bunch of behind the scenes stuff from then. Check out the girl wearing that whole nagra package and trying to climb under the fence! Lots of cool footage of Ben Burtt as well. Thanks to Tim Prebble for the link!! (via Music of Sound) … [Read more...]

Scott Clements (Production Mixer from Burn Notice) Interview Part 1

Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Production Sound Mixer, Scott Clements, from the USA's "Burn Notice". He gave me some great information and a great insight to the life on set of a fast paced TV show. CH: How old were you when you discovered your passion for sound? SC: When I was very young, I had the task of video taping my mom’s ballet company performances. That led to my high school years where I always had a video camera in my hands. My main exposure to sound was through the high school band. When I was in college studying electrical engineering, one of my good friends (who was studying directing) suggested that I would … [Read more...]

New Web Page

So, after years of debating whether or not I should have a web site, and if I did, what I would even put on it, I finally committed and made one. Awesome. I used to make web sites when I was younger. I actually learned HTML and hard coded them in notepad in Windows 98. I sometimes even wrote code by pencil in a notebook and typed it out later (that was before I had a laptop...) Things are so much easier now. I just made myself a single page web site (more to come later) complete with pics, a twitter feed, blog syndication (from this blog), etc... in like 20 minutes. Awesome.Now, here I am. My own web site and all. Content to come … [Read more...]

First Post

I'm writing this first post to test out the functionality of my RSS feed through feedburner. I'm trying to figure out how to customize my feed and whether or not I want to continue to use feedburner or use iweb's internal rss syndication. … [Read more...]