September 23, 2018’s Sound Design Competition, Sponsored by HartFX!

Every month, Shaun Farley hosts a Sound Design Challenge. We’re now on Challenge #13, and HartFX is sponsoring it, which means that if you win, you take home your very own copy of the Hart of Steel HD library!

Check out the challenge’s rules:

We’re going in an advertising direction this time around. The picture above is a capture from the video you’ll be working with for this challenge. It’s an old, in-theatre, trailer advertising a screening of horror movies. You’re task this time around will be to create the audio for this trailer keeping the horror and advertising aspects in mind, as well as matching the sound to the period of the piece.
The rules for this challenge:
Make sure to read and understand the General Rules and Legal Disclaimers as described on this page. Participation in the Challenge implies you have done so and agree to the terms listed therein.
You must replace all of the audio for the piece. It should have a voice-over/narration track. You may recreate the existing narration, or write your own. It can be in any language you prefer.
No music may be used in the piece.
Approach this as a piece of advertising, but play up the horror aspects (yes, it can be “campy” horror if you like).
The overall quality of the sound should match the time period of the piece: 1950′s.
Your entry, the contest video with your final design mix, must be uploaded to the Vimeo group by Thursday, December 8th (5 PM U.S. Eastern Time).

You can find a link to the video and the rest of the info over at Designing Sound.

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