January 21, 2019

Extra, Extra, Read All About it!

A few weeks ago, I received notice that the current show I am working on was put on hold for a few weeks while they re-edit some things, which gave me a few weeks to record again! The day I received that news, I went right out and did this session:

I recently noticed, while making copious amounts of collated, double sided, stapled photocopies (fancy machine!) in the office, that the new printer we have sounds really cool. So, as soon as I had a free evening, I grabbed a few mics, a recorder, and a few reams of paper, and started recording. Disclaimer: I did actually have a ton of copies that had to be made, so I didn’t waste any paper… I also did the recording at night, so I wouldn’t keep the copier tied up for forever and have people wondering why I have wires running in and out of the machine… 🙂

I decided that I wanted to mic the machine from various different mechanical points: the paper feeder, colator, duplexer, feeder, and a few other open spaces where I could safely place mics (lots of moving metal parts!). I had 3 small mics to use – my Countryman Isomax 2 Lav, and two Sanken Cubs – and I brought a Sennheiser MKH50 and Sanken CS-3e as well. Everything was recorded at 24/192 into the Deva Fusion.

I played around with the exact placement a little bit, dialed in the levels, and started recording. It sounded awesome!

Here is what I got:

So then I layered a bunch of the tracks, pitch shifted, time shifted, etc… then mixed it all together and came up with this:

Now if only I could get my head in there to do some binaural stuff 😉

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