February 15, 2019

Hiss and a Roar Releases New Fireworks Library!


Tim Prebble has released a new sound library through Hiss and a Roar! His 4th Library, Fireworks, is amazing! Recorded over 2 days, with 4 recordists, $600au of specially selected fireworks, a few weeks of tender love and editing, and voila! A new library is born! And it took a bit of dedication too. Here’s an excerpt from Tim’s blog on the experience:

FIREWORKS is a library I have been planning for well over a year. Here in New Zealand fireworks are only sold for one week each year (Guy Fawkes is November 5th) and most years I would buy a bunch of fireworks & record them for my library, and I noticed how often those sounds were handy for all sorts of purposes…. So in November 2009 I contacted a number of fireworks importers and asked them to hand select an arsenal for me based on sound. Six hundred dollars later I had a serious fireworks selection but summer was starting & I knew I would have to wait for winter & the fire risk to not be an issue. So I stored my potential library away & waited…

Lots of Fireworks!

Not only am I very excited about the quality of this library (24b 192k!), but I am very jealous that Tim got to shoot off that many fireworks!

Tim didn’t only record raw fireworks, but he did a lot of perspective and “prop” recording too!  Here’s a bit of what he had to say about it:

Apart from 3 big plastic bins of fireworks one of my goals with capturing the fireworks library was about context: these sounds are very useful when designing weapons and I was very interested in reinforcing this aspect by releasing fireworks in metal pipes of various sizes. Earlier in the week I visited a great junkyard and bought a number of different size pipes, from a 2m long metal drain pipe to short narrow pipes to a larger air conditioning vent; all great sources of resonance!

Go check out Tim’s blog on the experience and download a copy! There are 5 versions, ranging from $9 to $99, and a free one too! The $99 version is pretty sweet: 210 sounds, multichannel, 24bit, 192k. Great deal!

Tim Prebble – Sound Devices 722 with two Sanken CUB mics
Dave Whitehead – Sound Devices 722 with Sennhesier 8050 and DPA4006
Matt Lambourn – Sound Devices 722 with MKH816 and my MKH70
Ray Beentjes – Sound Devices 744 with quad rig: Sennheiser MKH50+30 LR and MKH816 x 2 LsRs

Check out Tim’s blog on the library here.

You can purchase and download the library here!

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