August 18, 2018

Industrial Library


My Industrial sound library, that is. The Complete HD version is 23.54GB! That’s HUGE!!! 281 files, over 5.5 hours of sound! I will be releasing it very soon, so check back for details in the next day or two. For now, here’s a demo of some of the sounds from the library!

INDUSTRIAL 001 Complete HD Samples by Colin Hart

Let me know what you think!


  1. I’m not going to buy it unless all of these sounds were recorded with Monster cable.


    Sounds great. Congrats, Colin.

  2. Wow, an air release that doesn’t take my head off. What mic did you use for that? Every pneumatic air release I have ever heard is harsh beyond belief but this one might be the softest one. Any trick you used to capture it?

    • The sounds in the demo are actually all mixes of multiple mics. The air release ones were a combination of a Sanken CSS-5, an MKH800 MS Setup, a Sanken Cub, and an MKH60. The HD library includes all of the mixes I did, as well as the Isolated recordings of each microphone for each sound. The metadata in the library notes the setup, perspective, and distance from the source of each mic included.

  3. Awesome. Simply awesome – I like the painstaking detail of every mic separate as well as a mix AS WELL as the notes on perspective. Very professional – keep me posted on where to pick it up.

    p.s. Sweet – coat hangers! :)

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