January 21, 2019

Hart a Gator

The Gator sounds have a new and improved home! Check out the updated library over on the Pro Sound Effects site. If you were an original Hart-A-Gator purchaser, please contact me or PSE for a special upgrade price!

Don’t Be a Hater – Hart a Gator!

Or at least the sounds they make! I wouldn’t recommend getting too close to one – my blimp and boom pole (RIP) can speak to that first hand…

Alligators are fun, lovable cuddly creatures that roam the swamps and marshes of Florida like big, scaly, green teddy bears. Or wait, maybe I’m thinking of something else…

Let’s try that again…

Alligators are quiet, stealthy creatures that roam the swamps and marshes of Florida like big, scaly, green ninjas. You see one silently skimming along, then all of a sudden it disappears! They hardly make any sound either – except for this one time of year… mating season.

During mating season, gators all of a sudden decide to emerge from their quiet ninja state and let the world know how much of a sexy beast they are – or at least they try to let the female gators know about it.

A gator bellow is when a gator fills it’s lungs with air, then lifts it’s tail and head up into the air, and then forces the air out in a way that causes the entire gator to vibrate violently. This creates this really awesome little dancing of water off the gator’s back, and creates a crazy growl that can be quite frightening. It definitely gave me a new respect for these oversized lizards…

This was not an easy library to record! The gator bellowing is infrequent, and it is often difficult to get close enough to get a clean recording. To add to that – if you approach too quickly and startle the gator, he will stop bellowing.

You cannot find this stuff for sale anywhere else. Literally – there is nowhere else in the world that you can buy a library of high quality, close up gator sounds – all recorded at 192k! I’ve gone ahead and put myselfand my gear – at risk, so you don’t have to!

This library was cut from over 10 hours of recorded sound (which is a lot, considering how little of it made it to the library…)

This library includes:

Gator Bellows (Mating Calls)
Gators Hissing (Warning Signs)
Ambiences of Gator Bellows (96k)
Ambiences of Birds Nesting around the Gators (96)

Here is a PDF of the entire library: Hart a Gator PDF

Equipment Used in the making of this library:

Sound Devices 702, Sound Devices 744T, Sanken CS-3e, Neumann KMR81i, Tascam DR40

Gotta have it? I don’t blame you! So here it is!