January 21, 2019

My Hart is Racing

Start your engines!

This is my second library release. It might be small in size, but it’s epic in sound! The are cars, bikes, Jr dragsters, all sorts of stuff in the library. I’ve got recordings from the beginning of the drag strip, from the end of the drag strip, in the middle of the drag strip, in the paddock. There’s all sorts of sounds! There’s even a grab bag file – nearly 7 minutes of an unedited qualifying heat!

All sounds were recorded with a Sanken CSS-5 into a Sound Devices 702T.

Here’s some sample material from the library:


The “My Hart is Racing” library is available in 96k/24b. The library includes 46 files, coming in at just over 1.2GB, and has 37 minutes of total sound!

Before you buy, make sure to check out the License Agreement!

All products are available in physical format. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a physical copy instead of a digital copy.

The My Hart is Racing library is just what it sounds like. You get 37 minutes of heart pumping, gas guzzling racing action. Some of these sounds just hit you in the chest! Check out the info page to see the details!

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*Please note that due to the size of this library, it is broken up into a 2 part *.rar archive, so you’ll have to download 2 files, which add up to a little under 800mb, and unpack to around 1.2gb. This process may take a few minutes, so plan to be patient! Also, many users experience difficulty unarchiving the *.rar with Stuffit. I’d recommend using UnRarX (free program) instead.*


Colin Hart: Recording, Editing, Mastering