February 15, 2019

New Library Coming Soon: LFE Effects

So it’s been a good few months since I’ve released a library. I am planning the release of 3 – 4 more by the end of the summer – so keep your eyes out! The first one that will be released (hopefully by the end of May) is a collection of high resolution LFE effects. The library will be called… drumroll please…

“My Hart Resonates!”

I enjoyed that 🙂

These aren’t your simple synthesized LFEs. These are all real sounds, in real environments! Here’s a taste of what I mean:

(you’ll need a sub or good headphones for this one!)

In the demo above, everything is recorded with an Aquarian H2a hydrophone (sometimes with the contact mic adapter) at either 192k or 96k. Other sounds in the library will be recorded with different mics as well. The library is planned to be between 50 and 75 effects wide, and will be released at 96k/24b.

Thanks for listening!


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