January 21, 2019

Our 5-Day SFX Recording Road Trip Extravaganza!

Last week was a VERY productive week for us here at HartFX. I had a wonderful response to the 192k article I posted (thanks!), plus the HartFX crew (Johnny and I) took a 5-day road trip up to South Carolina to record an amazing amount of sound! We recorded vehicles, a mechanic’s garage, tons of waterfalls, guns, and explosives, and now we have 3 new libraries on the way!

Check them out here, and here.

During the trip, we learned a ton and now we want to share our experiences with you! There is so much I could talk about, and I don’t want to skimp on the details! So instead of writing one GIGANTIC article that covers everything but doesn’t go into much detail about anything, I’ve decided to break it into a series of 6 articles (2 per week, released on Monday and Thursday). Over the next month, I’ll be writing about these topics:

1. Intro to the series (the article you are currently reading)
2. Recording the Yamaha R1
3. Recording at the Mechanic’s Garage
4. Falls Park Recordings
5. Recording Explosions
6. Recording Firearms

I will also be doing a series of tutorials that are related to some of the topics that I’ll be talking about. I’ll be releasing them periodically over the next month. Here’s the list of those topics:

1. Tutorial: Mic Placement with A Single Mic
2. Tutorial: Mic Placement with Multiple Microphones
3. Review: What surprised me about the RØDE NTG2
4. Tutorial: Recording with Multiple Machines

Here’s a demo of some of the sounds from the trip. I’ll be talking about how I recorded each one of them, plus more, during the next month:

We’ve got a very exciting month ahead of us! Hope to see you around!

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