September 23, 2018

Tutorial Series

As many of you know, aside from doing my freelance work, I teach production audio and SFX recording techniques at Full Sail University about 8 – 10 days out of the month. I am constantly working with high end gear, and writing tutorials on how to use it. One thing that I have noticed, and that many of my students have mentioned, and I’m sure all of you know, is that there are very few resources out there on production audio. If you want to know how to sync timecode wirelessly between a Deva V and a Sony EX3, you have to find a forum and hope someone else has done it and knows how to. If you want to stripe TC onto your 5D from your 744T so you don’t have to manually sync in post, how do you do that? Or something like building a custom rig where the backup recorder isn’t dependent on the primary recorder.

So basically, I’d like to write a series of tutorials on these topics. But I don’t want to just aimlessly write them and hope that they’re useful to someone somewhere. I’d like to take a survey of who needs to know what, and start from there.

So ask away! What do you want to learn? What do you have trouble with in the field? What pieces of gear do you have trouble syncing up? What problems are you looking for solutions to?


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