January 21, 2019

Who We Are

HartFX is a sound effects recording company led by Colin Hart. We specialize in high quality sound effects libraries and contract recording projects. We also push new ideas and work on new techniques, always trying to find ways to make our products – and the industry as a whole – better. You can find some of the results of our experiments in the blog.


Mission Statement

HartFX, LLC is all about bringing you incredibly high quality sounds for an affordable price. We will strive to push the boundaries in the industry to make them bigger and better. HartFX is a royalty free sound effects company featuring content recorded and edited by Colin Hart and his crew.



We strive to capture the most unique sounds we can to the best of our ability.
We strive to capture the best quality sounds, at the highest sample rates, and on the best gear available to us.
We hope to stand out as unique and valuable to a community of sound designers that need a wide palette of sound available to them.
We aim to exercise our creative vision while maintaining maximum flexibility for the end user.